Kefir Vivid Dreams

I’m still working out how to make kefir. I put too much milk one time and the kefir was a little watery. One night this week I made it perfectly. The next day it was creamy and fizzy..something like a light beer mixed with creamy milk. Sounds weird, but it was delicious. However, one thing I noticed was extremely vivid dreams..I mean full length feature films all night.
I’m curious about the gut/dreaming connection. I noticed a lot of people on the net are reporting vivid dreams and probiotics. Home-made kefir is a super probiotic. Kefir Vivid Dreams Try it!

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  1. Hi, I’ve recently started using coconut in my diet and would be interested in your recipe, would it be possible to have it please? In the past I’ve made a home made a non alcohol coconut essence with this recipe below if you’d be interested in trying it, first I had some which I found in the cupboard that I drank straight and felt great benefits from it almost instantly and then decided to try this recipe which I slightly altered for the baby coconut I had at the time. Feel free to try it and see how you feel the glycerin can be brought from boots or a local health shop I think or a chemist : )

    Kind regards

    Non-alcoholic Coconut Extract
    112g/225g glycerin
    51g/112.5 warm water
    ΒΌ /1/2 diced fresh coconut meat *see above for preparing coconut(vanilla version below)

    1. Add ingredients together. Shake vigorously for a couple days. Let sit for 1 month in a cool, dark place.
    2. Drain and Use.

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