Easy way to boost testosterone

Want an easy way to boost testosterone levels? You don’t need to take any pills or injections. Simply add resistance training to your regular routine.
Check out this this study.
Here’s the abstract:


The intra-groups comparison for testosterone and hGH revealed a significant increase in 80%-6RM and 80%-12RM. Cortisol levels was significantly higher in 80%-12RM and T:C ratio in 80% 6 RM when compared Pre and Post values. Inter-groups comparison showed higher hGH and cortisol levels and lower T:C ratio for 80% 12 RM. There was no statistically significant different between 80%-6RM and 80%-12RM for testosterone.

The present study confirms that the volume of resistance training can be an important factor in the modulation of acute hormonal responses.

There are many studies like this that show an immediate surge in testosterone levels after weight training. Many people recommend squats as the best one to do. The muscles impacted by a squat can total up to 2/3 of your total muscle mass. Start low and build up gradually. There is no rush and you don’t want to hurt yourself. By starting low and building up gradually, your tendons and joints will be able to support you when you start hitting the heavy weights.
Get started today!

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