Vivid dreams with Melatonin

I have taken melatonin in the past, but was reluctant to take a high dose because the pineal gland (which produces melatonin when it’s dark out) produces it in relatively small amounts. You can get the supplement in many different strengths, but 1mg and 3mg seem to be the most common.

However, I discovered recently that melatonin is also produced in the retina and in the intestines! I’m not sure how much melatonin is produced in the gut, but I’m willing to bet it’s a lot. I also have read many studies that indicate melatonin is safe to take in very large amounts. In fact, in one study, participants were given 150mg for an extended period of time with no ill effects.

I have taken up to 3mg without experiencing the reported vivid dreams that I’ve read about. When i upped the dose to 6 and 9 mg, wow! Extremely long, vivid dreams! It’s a very interesting effect. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to attain lucidity from these dreams. They are extremely real and vivid, right down to textures, sounds and other senses.

Please be responsible and do your research before experimenting with supplements. Start small and monitor yourself before upping the dose on any supplement. People who take high doses of melatonin report grogginess the next day if they don’t get enough sleep or need to wake up early.

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