Irish Moss – Jamaican Power Drink

How does great skin, a strong “back”, virility and awesome taste wrapped up in one drink sound? Sounds great to me, so that’s why I’m introducing you to a little known Jamaican treat called Irish Moss or Sea Moss. Chrondus Crispus is a variety of seaweed that is found in coastal regions of North America, the Caribbean and parts of Europe. Many of you have heard of the thickener, Carageenan, which comes from this seaweed. It’s popular is Scotland and Ireland as the main ingredient in pudding. It’s high in Sulfur and other minerals and is touted as male performance booster. Here’s how you make it:

  • Irish Moss
  • Flax Seed (aka Linseed)
  • Condensed Milk (I use skim milk to lower calorie content)
  • Spices–Nutmeg,Cinnamon,Vanilla
  • Optional-Gum Arabic
  • Optional-Isinglass (Agar)
  • Optional-Sugar or Sweetener to taste
  • Optional but recommended-Wray and Nephew White Rum

This is how one of the good Irish Moss packages looks like and where to get it.

Power Drink
Power Drink

How to Make it:
Note:I tend to shy away from listing exact amounts. Experiment, you can’t go wrong.
Some people recommend soaking the irish moss overnight first with some lime juice. I found it’s not necessary. Just rinse it and take off any particles. Put in a pan with water to cover and a bunch of the flax seeds and the optional agar and Gum Arabic. Bring to a boil and simmer until the Irish moss melts away (could be an hour or more depending on how much seaweed you’re using). I recommend starting small until you get the hang of it. Keep an eye on it because it can boil over and make a huge mess on your stove. You can use a fork or one of those hand blenders to speed it up. Put in the vanilla and spices with milk and sweetener. Add the Rum if you want an extra kick.
Be creative. Everytime I drink this mixture, my skin looks great for days afterwards. It must have some kind of nitric oxide, PDE-5 inhibition or related effect because this stuff is seriously powerful and works.
Ideas to enhance the effects:

  • Boil in some peanuts or peanut butter. If using raw peanut, try to include the skin
  • Add a Jamaican Root Drink (these are bitter herbs with reputed aphrodisiac and healing power)
  • Try adding Carrot Juice
  • Ginseng Extract is often added
  • Various combinations of Banana and Oats are also often used
  • Gingko extract is sometimes added

Take the time to make this drink and enjoy it’s tonic effect. You’ll be glad you did!

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