Shirataki Noodles — Asian Slimming Secret!

Well, the secret is out. While obese westerners continue to down thousands of calories in noodles and pastas, our eastern cousins are eating just as much, but with practically NO CALORIES!! How is that possible? Shirataki noodles or Yam Noodles look and taste like noodles and pasta made from wheat, but have almost no calories. Yes, you read it correctly–no calories. In fact, the noodles are mostly soluble fiber, which we know is great for lowering triglycerides and cholesterol and for improving digestion. It’s almost a dream come true for your typical overeating, overweight type II diabetic American. These noodles are tasteless, so they absorb whatever sauce you cook them in. The fiber reduces hunger all day and cleans out your intestines. It’s said that the average person has up to 20 lbs of compacted fecal matter in their intestine. This stuff will clean you out!
So, don’t skimp on your diet anymore, these low to no calorie, no gluten, low carb noodles are your slimming secret!

Low Carb Low Calorie Yam Noodle
Low Carb Noodles

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