Eucommia Ulmoides

This herb always caught my eye in the herbal shops.  It has a really odd name too–Eucommia Ulmoides.

Rubbery Chinese Herb
Rubbery Chinese Herb

The chinese name is “Du Zhong“.

This is an herb that could be made into a tea without any additional herbs.  It can stand on it’s own.  Traditionally, it’s used to lower blood pressure (read Nitric Oxide).  Interestingly enough, it’s also used to treat back pain and weakness of the legs.  It’s recommended for muscle/tendon injuries and impotence.

Look at the picture closely. The white fibrous part is reputed to be the reason why it is good for our fibrous muscles and tendons.  The herb has a rubbery feel to it.

One traditional recipe is to boil it with Oxtail for a stew.  Don’t use too much.  I’ve ruined a few soups by putting too much Eucommia in it.  It doesn’t taste very good.  I found powdered Eucommia and a teaspoon mixed with tea is not too bad, you can barely taste it.

I haven’t really tested this one.  I do have an injury I can try it on. I’ll see how it goes.  If anyone else wants to committ to trying this one and report back please do!

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