Angion Method

My readers should know there’s a small revolution going on that will impact all areas of health and performance. Around May of this year, Janus Bifrons (not his real name) burst into the scene of male performance enhancement with a new theory and technique he calls, “The Angion Method”. He is sharing his ideas, research and unique methods with everyone for free.

As with all great discoveries like agriculture and the internet, this new technique (which will have huge health benefits for most conditions) is being driven by something very surprising. As most of you may know, the main driver of agriculture was not to grow food to feed our hungry bodies, but to create alcohol by fermenting these crops. And the driver of the internet was not collaboration and communication, but the hunger for Porn.

So, the Angion method, which we we will look at a very high level, is being driven right now by the ability of this method to enlarge the phallus of men in terms of girth and length. And it obliterates erectile dysfunction. In fact, many men are reporting they are becoming super stars in the bedroom after only a few days or weeks of the practice.

In a nutshell, Janus is reminding anyone who took a high school biology class, that the circulatory system is a closed loop system. Basically, if you push blood in one direction, blood will flush in to fill the void.

By pushing blood along a vein toward the heart, the corresponding arteries will flush new oxygenated blood into the area. Men are doing this technique on the phallus increasing blood flow and restoring health to the three main arteries there.

This technique can be applied anywhere in the body you want to increase blood flow and growth factors by studying the veins and artery maps. Always press the vein towards the heart in the natural path of blood flow.


I wrote about the glycocalyx here recently. He also talks about how blood rushing through the system encourages the health of the glycocalyx and production of nitric oxide.

As with many things, you’re hearing about this here first!
Check out his youtube channel and promote this site for breaking health news and discoveries.

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