Why you need Amazon Prime

Amazon signs up 10 Million new Prime Memberships over the 2014 Holiday season.
I’m a big fan of Prime. Free two day shipping for all your supplement needs is great and pays for itself quickly. I love getting all my tonicquest items shipped to my door in two days (including Sunday!!). If you’re in NYC, amazon just announced hourly shipping. I am in awe of the innovations and envelope pushing that is characteristic of Amazon.
Things I’ve learned with Prime are as follows:
In the pros column is fast and convenient shipping, free movies and music, free kindle books and new innovations everyday.
In the cons column is that the shipping is not exactly “free”. If you look carefully, you do pay a little extra for prime items. If you’re willing to wait you can save a few dollars here and there. Amazon does have to run a business, so small items usually are not eligible for Prime due to the overhead of shipping costs. Sometimes these smaller items are available as “add on items” where they become eligible if your order meets a certain threshold like $25 or $30 USD.
You can sign up for a trial here and in turn help support this blog:

or gift it to someone with this link:

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