Repair Your Arteries and Veins

There’s a new word you’ll be hearing about.

Glycocalyx is the “non-stick” inner lining of every blood vessel. As we get older, or eat a lot of sugars, this inner lining gets damaged by inflammation. As a result, the arteries become inflexible and easily damaged.

Scientists have found a supplement that can restore the Glycocolyx to it’s healthy state.
It’s called Aterosil and it’s made from seaweed. This seaweed has a biochemistry that is very similar to the Glycocalyx and your body uses it to repair it’s own linings. This is how you can repair your arteries and veins.

People are claiming fantastic results from taking the supplement, one pill twice a day. They are claiming clearer thinking, better circulation, more energy..even greater performance in the bedroom.

You can learn more about this from the arterosil website. They are offering a free DVD and other literature at:

40 Replies to “Repair Your Arteries and Veins”

  1. I can attest that this stuff works great for the bedroom. I’m on it 6 weeks and have noticed fuller and harder erections that don’t quit. Great article and people need to know more about it.

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