Stout and Eggs

Here’s a cool one for you..try Guinness Stout with a raw egg. I first heard of this in the Caribbean where it is reportedly a natural viagra. It’s popular especially in Jamaica. However, a quick google search will show you that many cultures around the world drink Guinness with a raw egg in it. I have some ideas concerning why there would be such virility enhancing effects of this drink. Pic of Guinness
First, the real stuff is infused with Nitrogen to create the distinct head. When I hear nitrogen, I automatically think there must be some kind of nitric oxide related connection. Then of course is the alcohol content that helps boost circulation. Anything that boosts circulation is usually linked to enhancing nitric oxide. Last, the raw egg is full of choline and lecithin. Legend has it that Casanova frequently dined on raw eggs and oysters to enhance his prowess.
picture of a raw egg
Try it’s good stuff.

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  1. When I was 16 until my late sixties , I started drinking hard liquor with friends . There were so many times that we drink excessively to have head-cracking hungover the following day.

    To get rid of my hungover , as well as to avoid ulcer in my empty stomach, I took-in one or two fresh eggs each time … followed by a very cold shower .

    Some of my drinking partners are gone now (may they Rest In Peace) … I am still here at 76 years old alive and kicking .

    Thanks for the fresh eggs I took- in with empty stomach.

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