Cured Brain Fog!

I wanted to share a supplement I found that I feel has helped cure brain fog. Of course, if you read my inaugural post, it could be just a coincidence, so I’m putting this out there to see what others think. I was experiencing extreme brain fog after some stressful life circumstances. Thinking it was tied to allergies, I took Claritin to no avail.   I tried several other supplements to address this problem including choline and phosphatydilserine, but nothing seemed to be working. Until I came across this at the local asian supermarket:
Gingko Ginseng

I took three vials a day, which provided a whopping 7.2 grams of Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract and 1.5 grams of Red Panax Ginseng Root.

This is a liquid extract in a vial.  The box comes with little straws and a plastic tool to puncture them.  The other ingredients are honey, water and less than .05% alcohol.

In about three days, I noticed the brain fog was lifted and my mood improved.  I know from experience that both Gingko and Ginseng boost dopamine levels.  I was pleasantly surprised to find my thinking clear and my concentration improved.

I did some light research on this later and found the combination of ginseng and gingko has been studied pretty extensively.  Check out:  for some interesting studies.

This one is a keeper for me.

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